11 Month Home Warranty Inspection

Get The Most Out Of Your Home Warranty

Here are 5 benefits of having a 11 month warranty inspection

1. Identifying issues: An inspection allows you to identify any construction defects or deficiencies that may have arisen within the first year of homeownership. This includes problems that may not have been apparent during the initial inspection or were hidden at the time of purchase.

2. Warranty coverage: Most newly constructed homes come with a one-year builder’s warranty. By conducting an 11-month inspection, you can identify any issues covered under the warranty before it expires. This gives you an opportunity to have repairs or replacements done at the builder’s expense.

3. Cost savings: By identifying and addressing defects early on, you can save money in the long run. Addressing problems before they worsen can prevent more significant damage and costly repairs down the line.

4. Peace of mind: An inspection provides peace of mind by ensuring that your home is in good condition and that any necessary repairs are addressed promptly. It allows you to address potential issues before they become major concerns, providing reassurance about the safety and functionality of your home.

5. Documentation: An inspection report serves as official documentation of any issues or repairs needed. This can be valuable when dealing with the builder or warranty claims, as it provides evidence of the condition of the home during the warranty period.

Overall its a great idea to have a home inspection on your new home before the warranty is finished. If the end of your warranty is almost up and you need an inspection, Give Valler Home Inspections a call. I would be happy to help

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