5 Ways to Cool Your Home Without AC


For homes without AC, surviving the summer heat can be challenging. Using the AC isn’t cheap, however, there are alternatives that are budget-friendly and easy on the environment. If you are looking for ways to cool your home without AC, here are a few ideas to keep your living spaces comfortable and save money on the power bill. See this video as well for another effective way to cool your home

Keep Windows Covered to Cool Your Home Without AC

Manage the radiant heat that comes inside your home by closing the blinds. Covering the windows stops sunlight from entering and warming your home. For best results, choose blackout curtains to make sure the light is completely blocked. Close the curtains or blinds during the day and open them again once the sun has gone down.

Enjoy Cooler Night Air

If you live in areas where the temperature drops at night, open the windows before going to bed to help cool the home before morning. Close the windows and curtains in the morning to maintain the cooler temperature.

Don’t Use Heat-Generating Appliances

Avoid using heat-generating appliances during the hottest part of the day to keep your home more comfortable. Cooking, running the dishwasher, and using the clothes dryer generate enough heat that you’ll notice a difference indoors. Wait until evening or off until a cooler day to use these appliances.

Cool Your Home Without AC by Using Fans

If you don’t have an air-conditioning system, use fans to increase airflow and keep cool. A good breeze will make living spaces feel more comfortable. If the evenings are cooler, use fans to circulate the outside air through your home. Open two windows and position one fan to pull cool air into your home and the other to cycle warm air out. Make sure your ceiling fans are set to spin counterclockwise to generate a windchill effect.

Replace the Bedding

Good sleep is important for health and well-being. However, if you’re overheated, you won’t sleep well. In the summertime, switch to a body-cooling cotton or bamboo sheet set to keep you more comfortable at night.

You can keep a house cooler even without an air conditioner. If you have an AC unit, the tips we’ve listed will still help you cool your living spaces and reduce AC usage, saving you money on your energy bill.

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