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Do you want to know what value you get if you hire Valler to perform your home inspection? Want to know what’s in it for you?

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Here is a list of some benefits we add to every property inspection.


  • Have your home inspected by a journeyman carpenter with 22 years experience in the home construction industry.
  • We have top of the line industry tools used on every inspection.
  • Evening and weekend appointments available. Call Valler to book your home inspection or click HERE to request an inspection.
  • Credit card payments accepted.
  • Receive your very detailed inspection report with photos, illustrations and recommendations within 24 hours of the walkthrough.
  • You’re encouraged to attend the inspection and follow me around.
  • We provide continuous support. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions on home maintenance or renovations, I am always available for past clients.
  • When booking with Valler, you can join the private skilled trades group on Facebook where you can find all the top rated companies for any issue in your home.
  • Our home inspections are very thorough and never rushed. We make sure to find all the issues in the home that are visible.
  • Use my Resource page to find any professional you’ll need for your home fixes or renovations.


What tools do we use on a home inspection?

We use some of the bast tools on the market to insure you have the best service possible. Here are some of the tools:


  • Flir E5 – This thermal imaging camera is one of the best om the market today.
  • DJI Mini 2 – This drone takes some of the best roof photos ever. Its almost better then walking the actual roof.
  • Klein ET140 – This moisture meter is a great addition to any home inspectors tool kit. Highly accurate and can detect moisture in drywall, concrete and different density of woods.
  • BTMETER BT-100 – This airflow meter can tell me if you have low heat flow in certain parts of the home.
Home Inspection tool kit

Here is some more benefits Valler gives you after your home inspection

When you hire Valler Home Inspections to do your home inspection in Edmonton or any of the surrounding communities, you get the full package.  You do not just get the home inspection you get Jason’s databank of knowledge.  Jason is very knowledgeable when it comes to the home and whether you are planning on remodeling or have a repair that needs to be done in your home, Jason is just a phone call away.  Call him anytime and ask all the question you need.  He will guide you through most things you need done.  He’ll explain what needs to happen from the beginning to the end.  This knowledge can save you thousands of dollars if you’re handy.  Don’t waste your money on a company that does your property inspection and ghosts you afterwards.  Go with Valler where you get a lifetime friend.

Are you looking for the cost of a home inspection?

Are you wondering why companies don’t have prices listed on their website?

This is frustrating, I know, but let me tell you the reason why.

The reason for this is because every home is unique and listing all the price variants can be almost impossible. Factors like size, age, location and the home inspectors experience all contribute to the price of a home inspection.  But with that said there is a base price that we start from and here is Valler’s base price list. Keep in mind this may not be the exact price because of the factors and taxes but it’s a great starting point.

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You can rely on our service menu to have everything you need for a residential property. We believe in making sure you’re happy. We’ll always do everything we can to ensure that the property condition is reported to you accurately and thoroughly. When you work with Valler, you’ll always get comprehensive results.

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New Construction Inspection

New Construction Phase Inspections

11 Month Warranty Inspection

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Valler Home Inspections is located in Cardiff, AB. I’m happy to service home buyers and sellers looking for a home inspection in my service area. Valler Home Inspections has a service radius of 55 kms around Morinville AB. This includes all major cities like Edmonton, St Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan and all the small towns inbetween. Call and book your home inspection needs with one of the best home inspectors in the area.


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