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The Benefits Of Hire Valler Home Inspections

When you hire Valler Home Inspections to do your home inspection for you, you get the full package.  You do not just get the home inspection you get Jason’s databank of knowledge.

23 years of experience as a carpenter.

Knowledgable about homes and how they are built.

Available to answer any questions.

Will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Don’t waste your money on a company that does your property inspection and ghosts you afterwards.  Go with Valler where you get your questions answered.

Valler promises that every service that I provide will be to your satisfaction.

I will go above and beyond to make sure Valler Home Inspections passes your expectations of us. Customer service is our top priority. I strive for excellence and if you choose Valler Home Inspections then let me be the first to welcome you to our journey to the top.
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Valler Home Inspections Service Area

Valler Home Inspections is located in Cardiff, AB. I’m happy to service home buyers and sellers looking for a home inspection in my service area.

Valler Home Inspections has a service radius of 55 kms around Morinville AB. This includes all major cities like:


St. Albert

Sherwood Park

Spruce Grove

Fort Saskatchewan

Call and book your home inspection needs with one of the best home inspectors in the area.

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