How much do a home inspection cost?

Have you ever wondered how much does a home inspection really cost?

I’m often asked about home inspection fees by clients, real estate agents, other home inspectors and allied professionals. Also, I always see, “how much does a home inspection cost” on google search results. For me and most home inspection companies there is no set price other then the base fee.

4 factory’s to the cost of a home inspection

A home inspection cost depends on 4 factors. The company that provides the inspection, age, location and size of the home. Every home is different so that is why these factors come into play when it comes to the home inspection cost. Let’s look into these 4 factors a little deeper.

The company

When you are looking for a home inspection you have to first start by finding a home inspection company. You have companies that have multiple inspectors and a lot of overhead to run their business. These companies tend to be more expensive. Or you have a company that has only one or two inspectors where the pricing is normally less expensive. If you want to keep the cost to a minimum but not jeopardize the quality of the service, you’ll want to check the company reviews on google and pick a company that would have low overhead costs.


If you are looking at an older home I would be prepared to pay a little extra The older the home the longer it takes to inspect and write a report. With older homes that has never been renovated they are usually not up to todays standards and usually will have more defects.


The location of the home is another factor that effects the cost of a home inspection. Some companies charge by the kilometer, and some have a radius that they service. When you are dealing with a radius the extra fee usually comes into play when you are outside their service area. If you want to keep the cost low try to find a company that has a service radius.


This is another factor that will usually cost extra when you are buying a home. If you are looking at a home over 2000 square feet then that extra fee will be charged. Some companies has their home square footage set to 1500 where some have it at 2000. You’ll want to look for the company that has the highest square footage so that way you can keep the cost of the home inspection as low as possible.

The best way to find out how much it’ll cost for your home to be inspected is to call Valler Home Inspections and ask. Google will give you an average cost but to have a more accurate price, it’s best to call.

Now you know why its hard to find how much a home inspection cost. It all depends on the home that you are buying. If you’ll like your home inspected by a company with low overhead, a high square footage base and a large service radius, Call Valler Home Inspections today! We’ll be happy to help with your families new chapter.