Reasons to Order an Inspection Before You Renovate


If you’re planning home renovations, you probably already have an idea of what work you’d like to complete. Even with a budget and plan for what you will be remodeling, things can go wrong. Before you get started on your next big home improvement project, order an inspection before you renovate. Here are a few of the benefits.

Learn About Hazardous Materials with an Inspection Before You Renovate

If you’re living in an older home, it may have been built with hazardous materials. In the past, builders used lead-based paint, asbestos siding and insulation, and aluminum wiring. Even fairly recently (until the mid-90s), polybutylene pipes were used in household plumbing systems. Asbestos and lead paint are generally considered harmless if they’re in good condition and left undisturbed. However, renovations may cause issues.

When you get a home inspection, your inspector will assess the materials used during the construction of the home. You’ll know what types of materials you’re working with and can hire professionals to deal with lead abatement or to install new plumbing pipes.

Determine if Household Systems Can Handle the Updates

Depending on the type of renovation you are planning, you need to verify the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems can handle the updates.

If you’re adding on to the house or finishing an attic or basement, make sure you’ll be able to provide power to the new spaces. If you’re building up, it’s essential to verify the home’s foundation can handle the weight of an additional level. A home inspection can help determine if the current systems are adequate or if updates need to be made.

Order an Inspection Before You Renovate to Prioritize Repairs

Perhaps you’re planning a major bathroom remodel. During the inspection you might learn that your bathtub has a hidden leak and water has damaged the floor joists beneath the tub. This is an issue that will need to be addressed before installing a new shower stall. You may have to revisit your budget or change your plans to prioritize the flooring, but it’s better to take care of this structural issue first.

A home inspection will help identify any hidden issues or concerns that should be addressed before making major renovations. Even though your plans may be affected, making updates now will save you money in the long term.

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