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Are you looking to buy a mobile home and need it inspected?  Who do you choose to do the inspection?  When it comes to mobile home inspections, your best choice is to hire a company that knowns what to look for.  What better way then hiring someone that owned this type of home.  Valler home inspections specializes in mobile home inspections and knows what issues can lie in and underneath the home.  There is one main difference when it comes to these types of inspections and that is its crawl space.  It is crucial to hire someone that knows mobile homes inside and out.  Call and book your mobile home inspection specialist today.

With Valler Home Inspections you get a comprehensive inspection on the mobile home which includes the roof, exterior, interior and all the systems that are inside the home.  This page explains the main components underneath the mobile home and what we look for.  If you want a detailed list of what we inspect in the home, check out my home inspection service page.  Now lets dive deeper into what Valler checks underneath the home during the mobile home inspection.

Crawl Space Inspection:


One of the crucial aspects we assess during a mobile home inspection, is the skirting surrounding the home.  The skirting serves as a protective barrier, enclosing the crawl space and preventing the entry of pests, debris, and moisture.  We carefully examine the skirting material, ensuring it is intact, installed, and free from any damage or deterioration.  Additionally, we check for the presence of ventilation openings in the skirting to allow for sufficient airflow within the crawl space.  Adequate ventilation helps prevent moisture buildup and maintain a healthy environment.  We also inspect the access points to the crawl space, ensuring there are appropriate openings for easy entry and maintenance of the underside of the home.

Mobile home inspection Skirting


Another vital component we evaluate in the crawl space during the mobile home inspection is the support system.  This includes assessing the type of support, such as screw piles or cribbing, and their condition.  We inspect the supports for stability, looking for any signs of sagging, shifting, or damage.  Properly functioning supports are essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the mobile home.

Mobile home inspection Supports

Ground Slope and Vapor Barrier:

The slope of the ground beneath the mobile home is also a key consideration.  We examine whether the ground has been sloped to ensure proper drainage away from the crawl space.  Additionally, we check for the presence of a vapor barrier, which helps prevent ground moisture from seeping into the homes wooden structure.  The condition and installation of the vapor barrier is inspected to ensure it is intact and effectively serving its purpose.

Mobile Home Inspection Vapor Barrier

Underneath the Home:

Moving inside the crawl space, we inspect the underbelly of the mobile home.  We carefully examine the membrane or underbelly of the home, looking for any signs of damage, such as tears, moisture staining and punctures.  A properly sealed and intact membrane helps protect the floor framing and insulation of the home from moisture and pests.

Underbelly of a mobile home

Main Plumbing and Heat Trace:

Within the crawl space, we pay close attention to the main plumbing lines.  We check for any signs of leaks, corrosion, or damage that may impact the functionality of the plumbing system.  Additionally, we assess whether the main plumbing lines have proper insulation and heat trace installed to prevent freezing during colder months.  Proper insulation and heat trace help prevent pipe bursts and ensure the plumbing system operates smoothly year-round.

Mobile home inspection plumbing

A thorough crawl space evaluation is a crucial part of our mobile home inspection process.  By assessing the skirting for ventilation and access points, supports, ground slope, vapor barrier, underbelly of the home, and main plumbing for heat trace, we can identify any potential issues or areas of concern.  Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the mobile home and its crawl space, enabling you to make informed decisions about the mobile home.

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