3 Reasons to Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

Reduce the Stress with a Pre-Listing Inspection

‏Selling a home is stressful and there are many things to do. If you are selling your home, you are also probably looking for a new home once yours sells. A pre-listing inspection will make the process easier, so continue reading to find out why you should order one.

Schedule a Pre-Listing Inspection to Properly Price Your Home

‏If you have lived in your home for many years or if your home is older, a pre-listing inspection will be useful by informing you about the true condition of your home. The inspection report will detail what needs to be fixed in order for you to list your house at the best price.

You could also choose not to make repairs and adjust your listing price accordingly. Either way, you’ll more accurately price your home for potential buyers and there should be no surprises ahead of closing.

‏Making Decisions About Repairs

‏If the buyer’s inspection finds repairs are needed and the seller agrees to make them, the buyer has the right to choose the contractor they want to use as they move forward with the sale.

However, If you have your own trusted contractor or if you have the skills and tools to do the work yourself, a pre-listing inspection is extra useful. When you determine the needed repairs before a buyer does, you can fix problems at your discretion and make repairs before even listing the home.

This can be a big money saver, as you can either complete the repairs yourself or have a trusted, reasonably priced person doing the work on a more flexible timeline.

‏A Pre-Listing Inspection Will Improve the Selling Experience

‎If you are selling in a highly competitive housing market, a pre-listing inspection will give you an edge. For starters, it builds trust because you’ve made certain there won’t be surprises in the buyer’s experience.

Second, the pre-listing inspection allows you to better market your home. Inspections find more than just problems. They also uncover things that would make the seller’s home more valuable. You can promote your home’s good qualities to improve your asking price and give yourself a stronger position in negotiations. ‏

‏If in doubt, you can’t go wrong by ordering a pre-listing inspection. For all the reasons detailed above, completing an inspection prior to listing your home often makes the sale process a much less stressful experience.

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