When prepping for a home inspection, have you ever wondered what you need to do to prepare? Well look now further. Here are 10 main deficiencies that you need to address prior to the home inspection.

10 things that you need to check prior to the inspector coming to your home

1: Do you have damaged or missing shingles? If so have a roofing come in and fix them. When someone has a home inspector come in and he mentions damaged roof coverings the buyer might be scared off by this simple fix. So have them fixed prior to the inspector coming in.

2: Are your downspout extensions down? Missing? Downspouts are used to divert water away from your home so they need to be down and extended about 4 to 6 feet away to properly divert the water away from your home. So make sure they are attached and in good condition.

3: Are all your wall penetrations sealed? All exterior wall penetrations should be sealed to prevent any moisture or insect from entering your home in these locations.

4: Is your window well filled with gravel? How high is the gravel? Is it cleaned from debris? Prepping for a home inspection is key. There is suppose to be 6 inches of space from the underside of your window to the top of the gravel. This helps prevent any moisture from entering your window from the window well area. So make sure you remove or add gravel if needed. how high do the gravel have to be in a window well – Google Search

5:Are all your filters clean? Furnace and humidifier filters should be cleaned or replaced prior to the start of a home inspection. Dirty filters prevent the system from working at peak performance and is known to shorten the life of the system. It makes the system work harder. So make sure all the filters are changed prior to the inspection. How to change a furnace filter – Google Search

6: Has your furnace been cleaned recently? If your furnace has not been cleaned its best to have it done before the inspection and make sure the company that is cleaning it leaves behind the sticker showing the date it was last cleaned and the next cleaning.  Usually 100 % of the time the home owner has to have the furnace cleaned before moving so why not have it done before you list your home.

7: Is all your services on? Water? Gas? Power? If you are selling a home that is vacant make sure all your services are on prior to the home inspection. If you have not mentioned that some of these services are not on prior to the buyers home inspection usually it is at your expense that the buyer will have the inspector come back when the service is on and inspect them.

8: Are all the components clear and easy for the inspector to access? A lot of the time the home owners have items stored everywhere and a lot of the time its in front of things that the inspector has to check. If he or she can not access it then its written up as a limitation. So make sure that the electrical panel, sump pump, main water shutoff, furnace, hot water tank, etc.. are all clear and have easy access to inspect.

9: Do you have a bedroom in the basement? Do you have the proper egress window? If you have a bedroom in the basement the window is suppose to have the proper egress to consider it as a bedroom. If its not then change it to an office or a sitting area. It will be called out every time. Sleeping Room Egress Window Window Well Details (edmonton.ca)

10: Is the plumbing in your home leaking? Are the shower heads tightened? Is there a small leak under the cabinet? Make sure that there is no leaks in any of the plumbing fixtures. leaks will be asked to get fixed. If there is a leak during the home inspection. it scares the buyers and makes them think that there might be more so have everything leak free prior to the inspection.

These are the top 10 deficiencies that Valler home inspections always find when inspecting a home. If you would like more info on prepping for a home inspection Contact – Valler Home Inspections anytime