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Here are the 4 questions you should ask the home inspector.

Hello my name is Jason Payne and I’m the owner of Valler home inspections. Valler was built to provide clients with the full home inspection experience.
When hiring a home inspector, there is 4 questions you should ask the inspector before making your decision.

1: What is your background?

The inspector should have a background in at least one of the homes systems.

2: What is your education in home inspections?

The home inspector should be educated with a certificate from an accredited school.

3: How do you preform your inspections?

The inspection should be thorough and never rushed. You should be allowed to attend the inspection and fellow the inspector around and ask questions. And lastly,

4: What are your reports like?

The report should be written in a way that the client understands.

Knowing these details will lead you to the inspector for you. So the question is, “Am I the inspector for you”?  The answer is simple, yes! But I’ll let you decide after you read my answers to the four questions.

My background
I’m a certified red sealed carpenter. I been in the trade for 20 years.  I build residential, commercial and industrial buildings. I know how homes are built and how the systems are suppose to run and be maintained. With my knowledge of the home the issues usually always stand out.

My education
My schooling is from three of the top accredited schools for home inspections. Carson Dunlop school for home inspection where I took my home inspection course. I studied at CDW Engineering where I received my commercial building inspections and last but not least , InterNACHI, where I also took all my courses for home inspection and where I do my continued learning.

My inspections
My inspections are preformed by me and me alone. They are very thorough and never rushed. I encourage my clients to join me on the inspection so every issue can be explained and how the issues can be fixed by the buyer to save them possibly thousands of dollars. I teach my clients how to maintain the system so it last.

My reports
My reports are written so that the client understands. Some company’s write their reports with words like conductors instead of wires and overcurrent devices instead of just breakers. The client can get lost when reading the report but with my reports you’ll understand it from start to finish . With every issue clearly photographed and explained, you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it. My reports do not leave you second guessing.

One other thing you should do as well before picking a home inspector is look at their reviews on Google. Past clients always tell the true story of the inspector and their company.  So lets waste no time and call today.

Valler Home Inspections Service Area

My service area is a 55 KM radius around Morinville AB. If the property you want inspected is outside this service area, I will still inspect it but there will be an extra charge of 1.25 per KM outside the service radius. If you’ll like to have a quote for the inspection, contact me and Ill be happy to help

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