Completing Winter Projects

The winter months are a great time to complete some much-needed home improvement projects. While you might want to relax by the fire, there are plenty of projects you can do around the home that will keep you warm throughout the winter months and save you money in the long run. Here are a few winter home improvement projects to consider tackling during the winter season.

Replace Weatherstripping on Doors and Windows

Replace any old weatherstripping on your doors and windows. The older it gets, the less effective it becomes at stopping drafts. Weatherstripping can be purchased at any home improvement store or online.

Be sure to measure correctly so you get the right size. This is an inexpensive project that can be done in just an hour or so, and it will make a big difference in terms of how well your home retains heat.

Replacing the Furnace Filter for Winter Home Improvement

A clogged filter restricts airflow and makes your furnace work harder to heat your house, leading to higher bills and costly repairs down the road. Replacing the furnace filter regularly is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the efficiency of your furnace.

Building a Snow Shoveling Station is a Great Winter Home Improvement Project

If you live in a colder climate where it snows, you know that shoveling snow can be a real chore. One way to make the process a little bit easier is to build yourself a shoveling station. A shoveling station might be as simple as a cleared area of your driveway with a heater to keep you warm, or it could be an entire structure with benches, a place to store your shovels, and even a roof to keep you dry.

Adding a Chimney Cap

A chimney cap is a useful feature that keeps your home’s chimney from collecting leaves and twigs. Along with keeping debris out, chimney caps also prevent animals from getting into the flue. Another benefit is that a chimney cap will help keep rain and snow from accumulating on top of the chimney, which can cause water damage over time. Adding one is a cheap and easy winter home improvement project that will protect your chimney year-round.

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